This one’s all about lists, and links.

In this Edition. AKA the June TL;DR

Yeah, there isn’t going to be a whole lot of creative writing in this here update. We have a lot to cover on the things the HyperJump team accomplished in June. And this was what one crazy old man on an FTMAlerts AMA called “a quiet month”.

So here are the headlines for the month that was June, 2021. Links to Partner projects will be provided on the first mention of that project, later mentions will not be linked, so you might have to scroll up if you miss it the first time.

While they had been in the works…

The One We forgot to Publish…

HyperJump is pleased to launch our newest relationship with ONTO, a CrossChain Wallet Project aiming to help users truly diversify their digital profile.

Beginning May 25 GMT 22:00, you can earn a share of approximately $130,000 worth of $ALLOY and $60,000 worth of $ONT.

Additionally, using the ONTO Wallet to interact with HyperJump could make you eligible for an airdrop of ONTO’s ONG token. Additional details below.


We are adding two new Asteroids for your farming pleasure: ONT-ALLOY and ONT-BNB. Users can supply liquidity in either pool to start earning ALLOY rewards.

HyperJump’s ONT-BNB farm will run for 6 weeks, whereas its ALLOY-ONT farm is intended to run indefinitely.

We’ve been able to structure this farm in such a way to bring ONT…

Hello HyperCrew! Here we are with another exciting strategic partnership for all of you in the Hyper Galaxy.

This time we are joining forces with the gang over at REN to provide you with a farming opportunity on both of our chains!

For those who aren’t familiar, here’s the TL;DR on Ren from their Wiki:

RenVM is a decentralised crypto asset custodian that:

enables universal interoperability between blockchains: anyone can use RenVM to send any asset to any application on any chain in any quantity.

has robust security: large bonds, large shard sizes, and continuous shuffling make RenVM extremely difficult…

We’ve always endeavored to provide a safe environment to our community. Now we show you exactly what makes us different.

We have held off on publishing an article about the recent Flash Loan Exploits occurring on BSC and how we were safe. We have watched other projects post fluff pieces about being safe “because we are an exact copy of some other contract”. But that’s not what we wanted to present. We are different, our DEV team is different, we have made changes to the contracts. Changes that, we will show below, have made our community safer.

Everyone knows that…

So we finally got our Certik Audit completed and the report is out. Let’s take a little time to dive in to the results and see what they said, Our response, and try to put it in language that non-technical users can understand.

There’s been so much going on these past couple of weeks in the world of HyperJump, we just don’t even know where to begin.

The obvious place to start is with our release of the HyperJump Asteroid Field on Fantom Opera. On May 3rd we fair launched our yield farm and was met with a lot of enthusiasm. One thing we have noticed, however, is that there seems to be a misunderstanding around farm emissions and inflation rates. We always like to jump at the opportunity to inform.

The only way to provide reward tokens consistently over an extended length…

Good things come to those who wait, and we tried not to keep you waiting very long. Now we are just about ready to release some Space Farming!

Those of you who have been with us over on the BSC network are familiar with our Asteroid Field, where you can farm our Alloy token. Next week, the farm comes to Fantom. We’ll hold some of the information close to the chest for now. But what we can say is you will have some pretty high APY opportunities to earn a new token on the Fantom network. …

There’s so much happening in the world of HyperJump, we just had to put together a quick update for you with all of the exciting tidbits.

In case you have been living under a rock, you may want to check out our last Medium in which we took you to the Fantom Zone. More great things are coming up with our FTM integration. Apparently, there’s been heavy metal spotted in the Fantom Zone. We hear there could even be some Alloy….

If you have been with the crew for awhile, you may remember back in the day we put together…

That’s right gang! The Hyper Crew is taking it cross chain. We’ve gone Plaid!

We’re taking you Ludicrous Speed!

Ship’s Log, Stardate Supplemental.

Spock has discovered an odd cluster of dark matter on the edge of the explored zone. HAL-9000 was sent to investigate and wound up in a weird fantom reality. Admiral Kenobi is working on bridging the two dimensions but in the meantime Captain Mal Reynolds decided it would be best to set up camp and get everyone recharged before continuing exploration.

We established camp with the foundation of our Automated Market Maker (AMM) services located at Neo has been tasked with…

Hello HyperCrew, we meet again. Did you miss us? What a silly question, of course you did.

*Editor’s Note: Please, do get over yourself.

We find ourselves at another super fun and exciting news brief about all things related to HyperJump. So let’s get started faster than you can replicate tea, Earl Grey, hot.

Game Time

Prepare to Qualify….

The moment has come. Our tagline is “Gamify DeFi” and we are beginning the first leg of that journey today.

Introducing: Asteroid Armada — The alpha demo of our first of many arcade games being developed for the Hyperverse. Did we just say “first of many”…


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