Good things come to those who wait, and we tried not to keep you waiting very long. Now we are just about ready to release some Space Farming!

Those of you who have been with us over on the BSC network are familiar with our Asteroid Field, where you can farm our Alloy token. Next week, the farm comes to Fantom. We’ll hold some of the information close to the chest for now. But what we can say is you will have some pretty high APY opportunities to earn a new token on the Fantom network. …

There’s so much happening in the world of HyperJump, we just had to put together a quick update for you with all of the exciting tidbits.

In case you have been living under a rock, you may want to check out our last Medium in which we took you to the Fantom Zone. More great things are coming up with our FTM integration. Apparently, there’s been heavy metal spotted in the Fantom Zone. We hear there could even be some Alloy….

Space Junk Treasure???

If you have been with the crew for awhile, you may remember back in the day we put together…

That’s right gang! The Hyper Crew is taking it cross chain. We’ve gone Plaid!

We’re taking you Ludicrous Speed!

Ship’s Log, Stardate Supplemental.

Spock has discovered an odd cluster of dark matter on the edge of the explored zone. HAL-9000 was sent to investigate and wound up in a weird fantom reality. Admiral Kenobi is working on bridging the two dimensions but in the meantime Captain Mal Reynolds decided it would be best to set up camp and get everyone recharged before continuing exploration.

We established camp with the foundation of our Automated Market Maker (AMM) services located at Neo has been tasked with…

Hello HyperCrew, we meet again. Did you miss us? What a silly question, of course you did.

*Editor’s Note: Please, do get over yourself.

We find ourselves at another super fun and exciting news brief about all things related to HyperJump. So let’s get started faster than you can replicate tea, Earl Grey, hot.

Game Time

Prepare to Qualify….

The moment has come. Our tagline is “Gamify DeFi” and we are beginning the first leg of that journey today.

Introducing: Asteroid Armada — The alpha demo of our first of many arcade games being developed for the Hyperverse. Did we just say “first of many”…

Welcome to another edition of the Star Chronicles. Yep, we change the title weekly to keep you on your toes. Are you on those toes yet? Good.

There’s a lot going on for us to share with you this week, so get comfy in your favorite space suit and read on.


Where is the StarVault? My guess is in the StarGate

We’ve all been waiting for it, now the time is finally almost here! Your Hyper LP is going to be able to be shoved into the Vaults to compound some mad gains.

Just like in the previous edition, Vaults will be accessible right on the HyperJump Site, with the…

Live, Up to date, and ZERO blocks behind

Greetings Space Cadets! Space Rangers! Hypernauts! And everyone else who found their way to this medium. We’re glad to see you, and welcome you to your weekly news you can use in all things HyperJump.

Let’s start with the analytics capture above. We just completed our 10th straight day with over $1 million in daily volume. Our last day under that mark was March 3rd, when we hit $840k. Trading volume is finding its way to the HyperSwap and we welcome every dollar of it!

More Trading, More Burning

You didn’t think we would start this show off without a way for all of you to win some of shiny new tokens did you? Of Course we wouldn’t do that to you, so we’re going to Meme the Planet!

Welcome everyone, to a brand new edition of the HyperJump project update.

This time we’re giving you our big news of the week in addition to some fascinating tidbits of things to come.

The Big Reveal

We’ve been waiting for this moment for a while and we know you all have too! Everyone kept asking for a functional and useful analytics page and ChartEx integration. The fact of the matter is that we needed a fully synched and working archival node to make that happen. But we didn’t stop at running a single node because we are overachievers and our dev is a…

Welcome aboard star dogs! This is Theo, your captain, speaking.

Today is the day that we move forward with the first huge steps of the THUGS rebrand to the new and improved HyperJump, which comes not only packed with a brand new face, but new features as well! Today we begin the transition process by enabling the HyperWarp contract which will allow CRED and THUGS holders to claim their new tokens. Firstly, we are starting off with CRED/THUGS and will soon be adding DRUGS and other tokens.

The contract allows users to seamlessly swap to the new tokens. Once this…


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