HyperNews: Arcades, Audits, and Tools.

Hello HyperCrew, we meet again. Did you miss us? What a silly question, of course you did.

*Editor’s Note: Please, do get over yourself.

We find ourselves at another super fun and exciting news brief about all things related to HyperJump. So let’s get started faster than you can replicate tea, Earl Grey, hot.

Game Time

The moment has come. Our tagline is “Gamify DeFi” and we are beginning the first leg of that journey today.

Introducing: Asteroid Armada — The alpha demo of our first of many arcade games being developed for the Hyperverse. Did we just say “first of many”? You bet your hyperblaster we did! This is a modern tribute to an old classic.

  • Free to play alpha demo NOW: Asteroid Armada
  • The game will ask you to connect your wallet. Your address and high score will be recorded for future high-score contests.
  • The final game will include additional levels, power-ups, and integration with ALLOY (pay to play, prizes)
  • This is the first of a variety of minigames that harken back to an era where fun can be measured by the number of quarters in your pocket, not how lucky you get with loot boxes. We are also in the planning stages of a “bigger picture” game for later release.

*Editor’s Note: Well this was a fun Medium. Oh wait . . . it’s still going.

Feel the Burn

We’ve always been big fans of burning tokens. So much so that we continue to do it DAILY. A lot of people are very surprised to hear we do this, as daily burns are somewhat of a rarity in the BSC space. To date, the HyperSwap AMM fees have burned through 206,534 ALLOY tokens and counting. That’s over 3% of the total supply burned. Gone. Forever!

Every transaction on the swap burns more ALLOY. With an average 24 Hour Volume of over $1M a day, we’re buying and burning over $1,000 worth of ALLOY every 24 hours.

The more we build, the more we trade, the more we burn.

Deflation Imminent


But wait, there’s more!

*Editor’s Note: More? Did I authorize additional content?

We are pleased to announce a couple more great updates from the HyperCrew.

  • Hyper has been added to the Onto wallet, which has been integrated added to Hyperswap/farm. You can now login to all of your favorite Hyper products right from your Onto wallet!
  • Blockfolio hype! Thanks to the great community members who made their voices heard, both HYPR and ALLOY have been added to the tracking services on Blockfolio. You can now keep tabs on your assets along with your other favorite tokens on Blockfolio!

And how about some more progress? Because apparently we just keep building and building despite the Editor’s continued please to slow down.

The team has been diligently poking CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko to get our tokens listed. One might even say we have annoyed them into compliance, but we think we’re just that convincing. So far, CoinMarketCap has listed both tokens, and CoinGecko has listed HYPR.

We’re going to amp up the annoyance level until we get HyperSwap listed and all of our token pairs represented.

In reality, while this is progress, and it certainly helps the project, true progress is measured by having the AMM recognized and listed on these sites. Based on conversations with both teams, we could still be weeks away from seeing HyperSwap represented on these platforms.

Hang Tight though team, because we’re getting there!

35 Farms… and counting

*Editors Note: What is this gif even?

We’re up to 35 different farming pairs for you to choose from which earn ALLOY in our Asteroid Field. New Farming pairs pop up on a regular basis, sometimes by surprise, and offer some of the best yields you’ll find anywhere. New Mech staking pools open weekly, along with corresponding farms.

Of course, we know there are a lot of people out there who like to earn their yield without the risk of Impermanent Loss, so we have a hidden gem on HyperJump. Our USDT/BUSD Pair puts you at relatively zero risk to your assets, while still earning a juicy 62% APR (as of this writing). That’s nearly a full SEVEN TIMES higher than “the leading competitor”. MIND BLOWN!

UNREKT Yourself

We can’t seem to help adding new tools and features. One of those new tools is the allowance tool.

For those who don't know, the allowance tool allows users to revoke permissions from yield farms that might be a little on the sketchy side. Or for those more security-minded, it allows you to reduce your threat exposure.

We’ve included the Token Tickers right there in the list so you know what permissions are being revoked. It is VERY critical that you check your permissions from time to time and clean them up. HyperJump has just given you an easy tool to help with that.

You can find the UnRekt Allowances Page at https://unrekt.hyperjump.fi/

Automatic Updates on Twitter

The team is working on automated data sharing. Buyer beware, there is still a lot of testing going on with this tool, so you might get inundated with updates during this test phase, but once the kinks get ironed out, following @hyperjumpinfo on Twitter will provide periodic updates on our tokens, like the image above.

We’re constantly trying to find ways to improve the end-user experience, this is just one of the new tools our team has put together toward that goal.

*Editor’s Note: Aaaaand we’re done. Wait there’s still more. Crap.

Certik SOON

You asked “Wen” and we kept replying “Soon.” Our Audit from Certik is in progress and we should be receiving the results any time now. Look for our official Certik Audit reports to be released in the next week or two.

User security is of the utmost importance to the Hyper Team, having the contract audited by the Certik team is just the next in a long line of security-minded steps the team has taken to ensure that our Hyper Crew can utilize the dApps we are creating with confidence.

Wrap it up already, Turbo

Are we done yet? Ok, I think we got everything. Arcade games, audit, Unrekt . . . this is a lot of good info. But you’re worth it, all you beautiful people in blockchain land. We understand what you want out of HyperJump because we want the same things. From the OGs who were here from the beginning to the newbie just trying to put their stablecoins to work: Welcome!

It’s been a wild voyage so far, and we ain’t stopping anytime soon.