A Hyper Jump Forward

Welcome aboard star dogs! This is Theo, your captain, speaking.

Today is the day that we move forward with the first huge steps of the THUGS rebrand to the new and improved HyperJump, which comes not only packed with a brand new face, but new features as well! Today we begin the transition process by enabling the HyperWarp contract which will allow CRED and THUGS holders to claim their new tokens. Firstly, we are starting off with CRED/THUGS and will soon be adding DRUGS and other tokens.

The contract allows users to seamlessly swap to the new tokens. Once this process is underway we will move forward with relaunching the farm and other token contracts as needed until everyone has transitioned into the new ecosystem. At which point we will go back to focusing on continual upgrades, adding new partnerships, and overall improving the usability of HyperSwap (formerly StreetSwap).

We ask for a bit of patience over the next few days in the chat rooms as people will inevitably have issues and need support. The first week will be very busy, but that will end very soon and we will get back to building together.

All details for the tokens are as follows for clarity:

THUGS & CRED are no longer Supported

CRED holders will need to swap to THUGS first please use:

HYPR Tokenomics:

  • Maximum burn rate: 33%
  • 50% of burns to HYPR holders
  • 25% of burns to burn vault for development
  • 25% of burned forever (deflationary)


New AMM Fee breakdowns

  • Exchange Fees remain at 0.4%
  • 0.3% will continue to go to liquidity providers
  • 0.1% will be used to buy back and burn ALLOY

Please welcome our new partner, ChartEx!

As we move forward into the new ecosystem there will likely be questions and we ask that people submit those questions through the appropriate chat rooms such as the official HyperJump Telegram room, and avoid sources who would not be privy to all of the details.

There is still much work to do over the next week and not everything is finalized yet. Our Devs, testers, moderators, and HyperJump DAO members have been working non-stop this week. Your patience is appreciated. Please sit tight and watch everything go live!

Next Stop, the Asterpelago! X marks the spot.